What Factors Will Cause Errors In The X-ray Orientation Analyzer?

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The X-ray Orientation Analyzer tablet is not smooth, resulting in a non-smooth analytical surface that affects the measurement results.

The vacuum degree of the optical path is not suitable, and the spectroscopic crystal and the filter are not selected well, which causes interference of various rays and affects the analysis.

The X-ray tube voltage and current are unstable, resulting in fluctuations in the results.

Over time, the positional change of the internal component size of the X-ray directional analyzer causes a change in the intensity of the primary X-ray, or a scar on the anode of the X-ray tube, and the target element is deposited in the window, causing an error in the analysis result.

The change in temperature causes a change in the interplanar spacing of the spectroscopic crystals, thereby affecting the spectral efficiency. It is proportional to the high-pressure drift of the counter tube, and the temperature change causes the gas composition in the tube to change, affecting the magnification.

The drift of the electronic circuit, the statistical error of the counting, the counting error introduced by the time loss of the detection process, and the like.

Changes in the temperature of the gas, nitrogen, methane gas flow, temperature, etc., will affect the absorption of the X-ray directional analyzer by the gas in the optical path. Therefore, once the pressure reducing valve of the cylinder is adjusted, do not move it at will, especially when replacing the new gas, you must try to adjust the air pressure several times. Otherwise, the airflow and air pressure are unstable, resulting in errors.



X-ray Orientation Analyzer Helps To Understand The Substance

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X-ray Orientation Analyzer uses X-ray diffraction principle to quickly determine the cutting angle of natural and artificial single crystals (piezoelectric crystals, optical crystals, laser crystals, semiconductor crystals), and can be used for the above-mentioned single crystal directional cutting with the cutting machine. An instrument that is indispensable for processing crystal devices. The instrument is widely used in the research, processing and manufacturing of single crystal materials.

The high voltage generated by the high voltage transformer is applied to the X-ray tube to generate X-rays, and the X-ray directional analyzer is irradiated onto the sample. When the formula is n = 2dsin, diffraction is generated, and the diffraction line is received by the counting tube, and the microampere meter passing through the amplifier When it is displayed, when the monochromator is used, the diffraction line is monochromated, received by the counter, and displayed by the microampere meter of the amplifier, so that the measurement accuracy can be improved.

X-ray single crystal directional diffraction is an important method for determining the crystal structure of proteins. Biomacromolecule X-ray crystallography is the science that reveals the structure and function of molecules. There is currently no tool that can directly observe the arrangement of atoms and groups inside a protein. Although the electron microscope is close to seeing the outline of the macromolecule. However, it is still limited to revealing the size, shape, symmetry, and aggregation state of the molecules. The spatial structure of protein crystals can be indirectly studied by X-ray single crystal directional diffraction. Research on crystal structure will help people understand matter at the atomic level.



The Role Of X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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X-ray Orientation Analyzer features
1 penetration
X-ray flaw detectors can penetrate substances that are not transparent to visible light. The strength of its penetration is related to the wavelength of the x-ray and the density and thickness of the material being penetrated. The shorter the x-ray wavelength, the greater the penetrating power; the lower the density, the thinner the thickness, the easier the x-ray will penetrate. In actual work, the penetration of the x-ray (ie, the mass of the x-ray) is determined by the magnitude of the voltage volt (kV) of the bulb, and the product of the current (mA) through the x-ray per unit time and time is multiplied by time. Represents the amount of x-rays.
2 ionization
When x-rays or other rays (such as gamma rays) are absorbed by a substance, the molecules constituting the substance are decomposed into positive and negative ions, which are called ionization, and the amount of ions is proportional to the amount of X-rays absorbed by the substance. The amount of x-rays can be calculated by measuring the degree of ionization by means of air or other substances. It is the detection equipment that detects the flaw detection of the part. X-rays have other effects, such as sensitization and fluorescence.



Tongda Provides The Highest Quality X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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Today’s X-ray inspection equipment, X-ray detector manufacturers are also more, especially some agents, agents of some X-ray products are dazzling, mixed. But customers need to know what X-ray inspection equipment is suitable for their needs, which is the most critical. Some customers have spent a lot of money, and the X-ray detector that they bought is not very useful. This waste of money also caused a waste of resources. Today, Dandong Tongda Technology recommends the best X-ray Orientation Analyzer for you.
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With the continuous development of the company, the company has formed a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system, with rich resource advantages and professional team, providing a good technical guarantee for the products sold by the company. So when choosing X-ray inspection equipment, you should choose the best X-ray detector manufacturer Dandong Tongda Technology. Dandong Tongda Technology provides customers with a wide range of X-ray inspection equipment, which can be customized for special customers. Dandong Tongda Technology will provide you with the best cost-effective products with the best quality service.
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