After-sales Service Of X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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Look at the wavelength range of the instrument.

See if the wavelength range can cover the spectral line range of all elements you want to detect, if so, then there is no problem.

Prepare after-sales service in advance.

When purchasing an X-ray Orientation Analyzer, you should also pay attention to its after-sales service, because there is no instrument that will never break down.  Therefore, if there is a problem with the X-ray orientation analyzer, it can be taken to the manufacturer for inspection and maintenance, which shows that after-sales service is also very important.

Look at the window membrane and battery of the instrument.

Only when the window of the instrument is kept intact and the battery is sufficient, the instrument can be used normally, otherwise it should be replaced in time.

The above are the necessary checks for the X-ray orientation analyzer before use. Please take care of your X-ray orientation analyzer.



The Development Path Of X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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The emergence of X-ray Orientation Analyzer marks the standard era of products entering and updating. X-ray orientation analyzer is an energy test equipment that can help companies better analyze the performance of products and raw materials. X-ray orientation analyzer of materials It is a device for analyzing and testing the physical and chemical characteristics of raw materials. It has been widely used in industrial products and metal products inspection.
X-ray orientation analyzer is a test of the mechanical properties and processes of material parts and components. It has a mechanical property X-ray orientation analyzer, which can be divided into metal and non-metal X-ray orientation analyzers according to their functions, and can also be based on time. The length of the X-ray orientation analyzer is divided into a long-term X-ray orientation analyzer and a short-time X-ray orientation analyzer. It can also be divided into high temperature, normal temperature, and low temperature X-ray orientation analyzers according to the size of the temperature. We can choose X according to the specific test object. Type of ray orientation analyzer.
X-ray orientation analyzer mainly tests the material’s tensile, pressure, universal, torsion, creep, endurance strength, hardness and friction and wear parameters. These parameters need to be tested and recorded several times before we can use the X-ray orientation analyzer. When you do, you often test a few more times and then take their draw values. The test results obtained are more reliable. If the test results alone do not explain any problems, it is better to test a few more times. With the continuous progress and development of modern science and technology, people not only pay attention to the production of existing products, but also invest a lot of manpower and financial resources in the research and development of related products every year, and strive to update and upgrade based on existing products. In this way, the sustainable development of the enterprise can be guaranteed. After all, only the sustainable development of the enterprise is the goal pursued by the majority of manufacturers. The emergence of the X-ray orientation analyzer has brought people the necessary product testing tools, which can help companies more A good understanding of the product’s performance also lays a solid foundation for future upgrades.



X-ray Orientation Analyzer Has Little Radiation Effect

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1. The inspection work will be exposed to the X-ray Orientation Analyzer, so it will be exposed to radiation, but the harm of radiation is not great, and it will not have a substantial impact on the staff. About 1% of medical X-ray imagers.

2. When the baggage passes through the passage of the detector, the impact on the items in it can be basically ignored.

3. Moreover, all sides of the baggage detector are shielded with a lead plate of a certain thickness, and the luggage detection channel is also covered with a lead plastic curtain, which can reduce the radiation dose on the outer surface of the detector by about two orders of magnitude.

4. The airport detection X-ray whole body scanner uses backscatter X-ray detection technology, which uses low-energy X-rays and can only enter human skin tissues for a few millimeters.

5. Because the energy and intensity of the X-rays used by the whole body scanner are low, the radiation dose received by a whole body test is equivalent to about one-fifth of the X-ray film taken, and the impact is relatively small.



X-ray Orientation Analyzer Alloy Test Notes

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X-ray Orientation Analyzer in the analysis of alloying elements, trademarks, in order to ensure that the instrument is used normally, customers will supply a part of the sample for data analysis and proofreading.

Samples are even and clean

The sample supplied must be uniform, pure, and free of coatings, plating or oxide layers. If the surface layer of the sample contains these elements that are disturbing to the data effect, it is very simple that the detection effect is inaccurate.

Sample surface smoothness

The test surface of the sample should be flat and lubricated. Rugged surfaces can affect the accuracy of the analysis.

Detecting close range

There is no distance between the exploration window and the sample. There should be no gaps. When analyzing the sample, the X-ray orientation analyzer and sample should be stable and not shaken.

Sample repeat test

When analyzing smaller and thinner samples, be aware that there should be no other objects nearby, avoiding accidental detection of other substances. Causes an error in the effect. Conversely, for large metal samples, you should select a few more points and measure several times to get more accurate results.



Future Development Of X-ray Directional Analyzer

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X-ray Orientation Analyzer has become an important part of the processing industry and surface engineering quality inspection, and is a necessary means for products to achieve superior quality standards. In order to internationalize the products, China’s export commodities and foreign-related projects have clear requirements. Triple ray protection software, hardware, and labyrinth design to ensure the radiation damage caused by the operator’s personal safety and accidental operation.

The large sample compartment design allows for more space in a smaller host than in conventional models. The X-ray directional analyzer adopts a new optical path design to minimize the negative influence of the air path on the measurement of chlorine, ensuring the detection limit and stability of chlorine. The latest optimized system analysis software can be based on sample material, shape and The size automatically sets the light pipe power, which can extend the service life of the light pipe and fully utilize the performance of the detector, greatly improving the measurement accuracy.

The most important application of the detector is to separate the isotopes and determine their atomic mass and relative abundance. The accuracy of determining atomic mass exceeds that of chemical measurement methods, and the exact mass of atoms above about 2/3 is determined by mass spectrometry. Due to the equivalent relationship between mass and energy, knowledge about the nuclear structure and nuclear binding energy can be obtained. For the analytical measurement of radioactive decay product elements that can be extracted from the ore, the geologic age of the ore can be determined. Mass spectrometry can also be used for organic chemical analysis, especially for trace impurity analysis, to measure the molecular weight of molecules. X-ray directional analyzers provide a reliable basis for determining the molecular formula and molecular structure of a compound. Since the compound has a unique mass spectrum like a fingerprint, the detector is also widely used in industrial production.



How To Better Analyze X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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X-ray Orientation Analyzer is a modern instrument for the analysis of alloys and metal components. The development of human society can be said to be the continuous research on existing materials and the exploration of unknown substances, and the instruments such as X-ray directional analyzers. It is obvious that human beings have a microcosm of production and related research. Under the efforts of some manufacturers, people have obtained satisfactory feedback on how to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of X-ray directional analyzers.

First, qualitative analysis

The fluorescent X-rays of different elements have respective specific wavelengths, and thus the composition of the elements can be determined according to the wavelength of the fluorescent X-rays. In the case of a wavelength dispersion type spectrometer, for a crystal having a certain interplanar spacing, the wavelength λ of the X-ray can be obtained from the 2θ angle of the rotation of the detector, thereby determining the elemental composition. In fact, in qualitative analysis, the line can be automatically identified by computer and qualitative conclusions can be given. However, if the element content is too low or there is spectral line interference between the elements, manual identification is still required. First, the characteristic X-rays of the X-ray tube target and the accompanying lines of the strong peaks are identified, and then the remaining oblique lines are marked according to the 2θ angle. When analyzing the unknown spectral line, it is necessary to take into account the source and nature of the sample in order to make a comprehensive judgment.

Second, quantitative analysis

The quantitative analysis by the X-ray directional analyzer is based on the fact that the fluorescent X-ray intensity Ii of the element is proportional to the content Wi of the element in the sample: Ii=IsWi
In the formula, Is is the intensity of the fluorescent X-ray of the element when Wi=100%. According to the above formula, quantitative analysis can be performed by using a standard curve method, an incremental method, an internal standard method, or the like. However, these methods must make the composition of the standard sample as identical or similar to the composition of the sample, otherwise the matrix effect or the influence of the coexisting elements will cause great deviations in the measurement results.

In summary, manufacturers of X-ray directional analyzers have made a lot of efforts to determine the quality of products, so that products can be better qualitative and quantitative analysis, they will not only strive to praise each other to maintain core instrument manufacturing technology, but also to recruit The talents set up the R&D production team as the backbone of quality development. Finally, the X-ray directional analyzer will maintain good communication with customers and track actual experience feedback.



What Factors Will Cause Errors In The X-ray Orientation Analyzer?

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The X-ray Orientation Analyzer tablet is not smooth, resulting in a non-smooth analytical surface that affects the measurement results.

The vacuum degree of the optical path is not suitable, and the spectroscopic crystal and the filter are not selected well, which causes interference of various rays and affects the analysis.

The X-ray tube voltage and current are unstable, resulting in fluctuations in the results.

Over time, the positional change of the internal component size of the X-ray directional analyzer causes a change in the intensity of the primary X-ray, or a scar on the anode of the X-ray tube, and the target element is deposited in the window, causing an error in the analysis result.

The change in temperature causes a change in the interplanar spacing of the spectroscopic crystals, thereby affecting the spectral efficiency. It is proportional to the high-pressure drift of the counter tube, and the temperature change causes the gas composition in the tube to change, affecting the magnification.

The drift of the electronic circuit, the statistical error of the counting, the counting error introduced by the time loss of the detection process, and the like.

Changes in the temperature of the gas, nitrogen, methane gas flow, temperature, etc., will affect the absorption of the X-ray directional analyzer by the gas in the optical path. Therefore, once the pressure reducing valve of the cylinder is adjusted, do not move it at will, especially when replacing the new gas, you must try to adjust the air pressure several times. Otherwise, the airflow and air pressure are unstable, resulting in errors.



X-ray Orientation Analyzer Helps To Understand The Substance

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X-ray Orientation Analyzer uses X-ray diffraction principle to quickly determine the cutting angle of natural and artificial single crystals (piezoelectric crystals, optical crystals, laser crystals, semiconductor crystals), and can be used for the above-mentioned single crystal directional cutting with the cutting machine. An instrument that is indispensable for processing crystal devices. The instrument is widely used in the research, processing and manufacturing of single crystal materials.

The high voltage generated by the high voltage transformer is applied to the X-ray tube to generate X-rays, and the X-ray directional analyzer is irradiated onto the sample. When the formula is n = 2dsin, diffraction is generated, and the diffraction line is received by the counting tube, and the microampere meter passing through the amplifier When it is displayed, when the monochromator is used, the diffraction line is monochromated, received by the counter, and displayed by the microampere meter of the amplifier, so that the measurement accuracy can be improved.

X-ray single crystal directional diffraction is an important method for determining the crystal structure of proteins. Biomacromolecule X-ray crystallography is the science that reveals the structure and function of molecules. There is currently no tool that can directly observe the arrangement of atoms and groups inside a protein. Although the electron microscope is close to seeing the outline of the macromolecule. However, it is still limited to revealing the size, shape, symmetry, and aggregation state of the molecules. The spatial structure of protein crystals can be indirectly studied by X-ray single crystal directional diffraction. Research on crystal structure will help people understand matter at the atomic level.



The Role Of X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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X-ray Orientation Analyzer features
1 penetration
X-ray flaw detectors can penetrate substances that are not transparent to visible light. The strength of its penetration is related to the wavelength of the x-ray and the density and thickness of the material being penetrated. The shorter the x-ray wavelength, the greater the penetrating power; the lower the density, the thinner the thickness, the easier the x-ray will penetrate. In actual work, the penetration of the x-ray (ie, the mass of the x-ray) is determined by the magnitude of the voltage volt (kV) of the bulb, and the product of the current (mA) through the x-ray per unit time and time is multiplied by time. Represents the amount of x-rays.
2 ionization
When x-rays or other rays (such as gamma rays) are absorbed by a substance, the molecules constituting the substance are decomposed into positive and negative ions, which are called ionization, and the amount of ions is proportional to the amount of X-rays absorbed by the substance. The amount of x-rays can be calculated by measuring the degree of ionization by means of air or other substances. It is the detection equipment that detects the flaw detection of the part. X-rays have other effects, such as sensitization and fluorescence.



Tongda Provides The Highest Quality X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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Today’s X-ray inspection equipment, X-ray detector manufacturers are also more, especially some agents, agents of some X-ray products are dazzling, mixed. But customers need to know what X-ray inspection equipment is suitable for their needs, which is the most critical. Some customers have spent a lot of money, and the X-ray detector that they bought is not very useful. This waste of money also caused a waste of resources. Today, Dandong Tongda Technology recommends the best X-ray Orientation Analyzer for you.
Dandong Tongda Technology Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of precision instruments such as X-ray detectors. At present, it has been recognized by customers in many industries, including SMT, BGA testing, electronic components, semiconductors, LEDs, lithium batteries (metal shells, polymers), casting (cast aluminum, cast iron), plastics, connectors. , mold design, material analysis, 3D printing analysis, automotive electronics, ceramic products, pharmaceutical products, food, agricultural seed screening.
With the continuous development of the company, the company has formed a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system, with rich resource advantages and professional team, providing a good technical guarantee for the products sold by the company. So when choosing X-ray inspection equipment, you should choose the best X-ray detector manufacturer Dandong Tongda Technology. Dandong Tongda Technology provides customers with a wide range of X-ray inspection equipment, which can be customized for special customers. Dandong Tongda Technology will provide you with the best cost-effective products with the best quality service.
For more information about the X-ray inspection service recommendation, you can log in to the official website of Dandong Tongda Technology, please feel free to contact me!


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